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Although initial H input to ground water and may be used to determine the position of the mid-1960s bomb peak in recharge areas. Additionally, location of the mid-1960s bomb peak provides information on recharge rate (Schlosser and others, 1988, 1989; Solomon and Sudicky, 1991; Solomon and others, 1992, 1993; Ekwurzel and others, 1994). For several decades, one of the major tools for obtaining information about groundwater origin, and its properties and movement has been the use of isotopes, which has often provided insights not available using other techniques.Information on groundwater age is required to address aspects such as recharge rates and mechanisms, resource renewability, flow rate estimation in aquifers and vulnerability to pollution, especially when dealing with shared water resources.Tritium input to ground water has occurred in a series of spikes following periods of atmospheric testing of nuclear devices that began in 1952 and reached a maximum in 1963-1964. Tritium measurements alone can be used to locate the depth of the mid-1960s bomb peak, but, because of radioactive decay, many samples may need to be collected and analyzed today to locate its position. In systems younger than the mid-1960s, the bomb peak will not be present due to radioactive decay. In the case of a fluctuating water table, t = 0 is set at the seasonal low water table position (Solomon et al., 1993).The tritogenic He component is calculated by subtracting from the measured value that due to atmospheric solubility (a function of recharge temperature), excess air and radiogenic production (by decay of U/Th-series elements).

A fossil can consist of the preserved tissues of an organism, as when encased in amber, ice, or pitch, or more commonly of the hardened relic of such tissues, as when organic matter is replaced by dissolved minerals.In many parts of the world, groundwater constitutes a major source of water for agricultural, energy, industrial and urban use, and it is expected to play an even greater role in the next decades on a global scale.The rising importance of groundwater is a result of increasing water demands deriving from population growth and concerns about the impact of predicted climate change on the hydrological cycle.As these substances are virtually inert in ground water, unaffected by ground-water chemistry and unaffected by contamination from most anthropogenic sources, He dating complements existing capabilities within the U. Geological Survey for dating of young ground water, such as, uses of chlorofluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride, and can be applied to dating water recharged since about 1965. B., 1993, Chlorofluorocarbons (CCl) as Dating Tools and Hydrologic Tracers in Shallow Ground Water of the Delmarva Peninsula, Atlantic Coastal Plain, United States: Water Resources Research, v. Several conditions are necessary to permit solving the helium isotope mass balance for ), after correction for dilution with old (low tritium) water, should be consistent with possible tritium-age relations for surface water or meteoric infiltration water of that age (see for example Figure 14 in Dunkle and others, 1993; Figure 7 in Ekwurzel and others, 1994; and Figure 7 in Plummer and others, 2000).

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